Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Orange County Businesses

For the last four decades, Orange County Building Maintenance has provided exceptional commercial carpet cleaning to businesses across Orange County.

Whether you have all-natural fibers or synthetic fibers, our non-toxic and effective carpet cleaning methods will get your carpet back to looking like new.

OCBM offers both dry cleaning as well as steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is the most intense cleaning your carpet can receive – at just under 200 degree Fahrenheit, the heat will scour your carpet strands free of grime and grease and return it to the vibrant carpet you had before experiencing heavy foot traffic. Plus, steam cleaning uses a minimal amount of water, which means your carpet dries quicker.

Our cleaning work is 100% guaranteed (and we are fully insured). Call us now for a free inspection – we will tour your facilities and give you a free, no-obligation quote.

Why Clean Carpets Regularly?

Eliminate Bacteria and Odors.

Without regular cleaning, carpets can provide a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, as well as take on unpleasant smells over time.

Save Money.

With regularly scheduled cleaning, you will save money because you’re extending the life of your carpet. Dirty carpets wear down faster under foot traffic.

Impress Clients and Employees.

A clean and fresh carpet will make a good impression on your clients and keep employee morale high.

Reduce allergies.

Allergies from pollen and other airborne particles can be significantly reduced with regular carpet cleaning.

Who Needs Carpet Cleaning?

These four categories of people can benefit from a solid relationship with a carpet cleaning company such as ours:

  • Facility Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Building Owners
  • Property Management Firms

If you have properties across various locations in Orange County, give us a call and let us know how we can help. We do offer competitive pricing when servicing multiple locations for clients.

Remember, if you keep your space clean and impressive, you’ll attract clients. And regular carpet cleaning will give you a return on your investments – maintaining the property and keeping the businesses that lease from you nice and happy.

Why choose us?

Experienced Technicians

Our employees are well trained by supervisors with decades of experience, and they are always in uniform. We never use subcontractors.

Environmentally Safe Supplies

We avoid the harshest chemicals which can leave a nasty smell and which pollute the environment. Our supplies are safe for all your employees and clients.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Cut-rate operators use out-of-date carpet cleaning machinery and old-fashioned methods, which leaves distressed carpet fibers (which attracts new dirt quicker!). We only use modern equipment with the latest technological advances.

Family-Run and Local

We’re not a distant corporation with long tentacles into various markets. We’re based in Orange County, where our owners live. We will exceed your expectations and help you with all your carpeting needs.

Places Serviced

South Orange County: Huntington Beach, Newport, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo.
Mid Orange County: Orange, Santa Ana, Westminster, Garden Grove
North Orange County: Anaheim, Brea, Orange, Yorba Linda, Fullerton

Emergency Carpet Cleaning

If you’ve had a flood in your business, let us come in and clean things up before you get mold. The faster you call, the better chance we have of drying out your carpet and getting your business back up and running. We are available day or night to rescue your carpet and to get it back to tip top shape.

We can even offer same-day services for those who are desperate for a quick turn around.

If you’ve had another kind of emergency that has affected your carpet – spills or construction, say – we can also help you with that. Give us a call and let us know how we can best help you.

What Clients Are Saying

“OCBM is a class act. The professionalism that Christian and Joel have shown represents the character of this company. I highly recommend this 5-star business!”

Cody M.,

“Having worked with a number of cleaning companies over the years, I have determined that OCBM significantly outshines the others in terms of affordability, reliability and level of service.
I highly recommend OCBM to anyone.”

Chris S.,

“Christian and his company are at the highest level of service and integrity and I would recommend them highly. They treat every account as if they are their only customer.”

Rod M.,

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend professional carpet cleaning at least once or twice a year, depending on how much foot traffic your business receives.

Yes, we can schedule an annual or bi-annual cleaning for your business, and will check in with you a few weeks before the assigned date.

Yes, enormous ones. Think of your carpet as a spider web of fabric and woven fibers that constantly trap dust, grime, grease, dirt and other unsavory elements. When people walk on dirty carpet, those elements spring up and pollute the air. Businesses normally don’t worry unless they can see actual dirtiness, but sometimes the filth can be in the air rather than beneath the feet.

Yes, if you have couches, upholstered chairs, or other furniture made with leather, we can also clean that.

Yes, we can clean area rugs of any size. Cleaning also extends the life of the rug.

Yes, our technicians are available at a variety of hours to accommodate your business needs.