Construction Clean Up

Construction Clean Up

There’s only one ironclad guarantee in the construction business: that after you’re done, there will be a mess.

That’s where we can help. We provide construction clean up and post-construction clean up for properties in the Orange County area.

If you ask around and do your research, you’ll find that OC Building Maintenance has an excellent reputation for working with construction companies to clean up their work site and deliver a pristine, work-ready environment for their property’s tenants.

We provide an able and ready workforce at affordable rates to take the burden off your employees (labor costs in construction are high enough already, aren’t they?). We also have the environmental know-how to follow the local rules and regulations about disposing of waste materials (so you don’t get fined).

If you’re a contractor, renovator, or property developer, we’d be happy to talk to you and provide a quote for your commercial project.

Why Choose Us?

We have the manpower.

For post-construction clean up, you need a team of quick cleaners to get everything pristine. We have a sizable team of employees that can do the job right.

We clean it properly.

Some companies will get rid of big debris and clean superficially, but we get in deep and make sure the next client is happy with the space.

We focus on commercial spaces.

By narrowing our focus to commercial rather than residential, we can serve our customers better.

We’re long-time residents.

Unlike the many companies owned by multi-national corporations, we’re owned by Orange County locals.

The Three-Stage Process

We perform three stages of post-construction clean up for you.

1. Debris Removal

This is the stage where we deal with the biggest pieces of trash. Often, there is debris outside and inside the building that needs to be taken care of.

  • Huge chunks of drywall or piles of bricks
  • Landscaping elements such as tree stumps or branches
  • Scrap lumber and wire frameworks

2. Thorough Clean

This is mainly interior work, sweeping up scraps of trash and leftover dirt and cleaning all the surfaces of windows and walls.

  • We sweep, polish, and vacuum all the floors, plus clean counters and windows.
  • Scrubbing all surfaces, plus refuse removal for all rooms in the building.
  • Finding and removing dangerous items (like nails and twisted metal left behind) and cleaning hard-to-reach areas like air ducts.

3. Finishing Clean

These are the final touches to make sure the environment is fully ready for commercial use.

  • A final dusting to catch any dust that has settled during the clean up process.
  • Remove stickers from windows, appliances and mirrors.
  • Cleaning windows sills and window frames.

Construction Clean up Services We Can Provide:

Disposing of Construction Debris

We take large items and haul them away to the dump for you, while following the proper environmental protocols for disposal.

Dusting of All Surfaces

Dusting of all surfaces. We do floor-to-ceiling dusting, which takes care of everything from air vents to baseboards. We also do both wet and dry dusting.

Providing Floor Maintenance

We vacuum the floors, and if necessary, we also wash carpets or polish hard surfaces like concrete.


Polishing all surfaces of tables, tiles, and windows. Every surface is swept and polished to ensure the client inherits a clean environment.

Removing Stickers

Removing stickers on appliances and windows. It’s tiny details like this which are often forgotten, but which make all the difference.

Power Washing

Don’t forget about the ground! We can power wash the interior and exterior flooring to get oil and other stains out.

Disinfecting the Whole Site

Even when construction workers doubt that the site needs to be disinfected, we find that clients that inhabit the space appreciate such details.

Cleaning Toilets, Tubs, Sinks, and Baths

These fixtures often require an extra level of tender loving scrubbing.

Stripping, Waxing and Sealing all Your Floors

After a tough session dealing with construction scratches and scrapes, floors often need to be rehabilitated.

A Few of Our Clients


Every job is different, and so we’ll be happy to visit the site and come up with a free estimate.
The good news is that larger commercial properties are generally much cheaper per square foot than residential properties.

Obviously, post-construction clean-up is a far different beast than mere housekeeping work – it’s more time intensive and requires a whole other level of hauling away sizable debris – and so the pricing will take that into account.

We do have premium charges for specialty jobs, such as duct cleaning and buffing wood floors. Please contact us if you have a specialty job and we would be happy to give you a quote.

Overall, we will quote you a competitive price that doesn’t sacrifice quality. You will be happy that you chose us – we are reliable and do excellent work. But don’t take our word for it! Check out our testimonials.

Clients We Have Serviced

Building and Condo Managers
Property Developers
General Contractors
Real Estate Management Companies
Retail Organizations
Industrial Manufacturers
Mortgage Companies

What Clients Are Saying

“OCBM is a class act. The professionalism that Christian and Joel have shown represents the character of this company. I highly recommend this 5-star business!”

Cody M.,

“Having worked with a number of cleaning companies over the years, I have determined that OCBM significantly outshines the others in terms of affordability, reliability and level of service.
I highly recommend OCBM to anyone.”

Chris S.,

“Christian and his company are at the highest level of service and integrity and I would recommend them highly. They treat every account as if they are their only customer.”

Rod M.,


Safety is one of the most important elements of a good janitorial company. Safety is important for your employees and tenants, and also important for our custodial staff.

That’s why we have regular safety training for our employees that exceeds the mandated safety training by the state of California.

It’s also why we use vacuums with HEPA filters to make sure your air is clean, and can provide hand sanitizing stations around your workplace to cut down on colds and the flu from sweeping through the business.

Ultimately, letting your employees screw in a light bulb or do other menial office tasks comes with too high a price tag: a single fall results can result in liability for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not only are our employees well trained, we also have excellent insurance to cover the possibility of such events.

Let us take remove that risk from your workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we carry insurance in case of accidents and mishaps. This both protects us and protects you (as well as our employees). We actually possess more insurance than is required by law, just to protect from liability.

Yes, we have the proper equipment to clean high exterior windows, to polish hard floors using diamond pads, and to dispose of large amounts of construction debris.

No, we don’t. Our employees are long-time, full-time employees, and we do not subcontract out our jobs. You can rest assured you’re getting experienced, dedicated employees who have a vested interest in protecting their job by doing a good job for you.

Yes, we have workers’ comp, and any accident would be handled through our insurance, which eliminates your liability.

We take our employees through two rounds of training: both pre-work and on-site. We also use Swept, an app that tells us the location of our employees when they are working, so we can monitor them. Lastly, we use ladders that meet the highest requirements of OSHA, and also HEPA filter vacuums to ensure air safety.

We use a proprietary formula to account for square footage, the level of cleaning required, and we offer discounts on a sliding scale for larger jobs.

Yes, we provide cleaning services after the renovation has happened, although we don’t provide reconstruction services. Still, if you need help with a commercial building after a natural disaster, please contact us.

We know that cleaning up a construction site can be a time-sensitive job, and we have a bank of employees that can start early and work late. Plus, if you require any emergency clean-up needs, please contact us – we’re available 24/7 for emergency clean up jobs.