Office Cleaning


For the last 39 years we’ve cleaned offices large and small across Orange County. With more than 100 employees working days and nights, we streamline the process for your workplace to stay clean and well stocked with supplies.

Our regular office cleaning will:

  • Keep your employees healthy and boost their morale
  • Impress current and potential clients
  • Prevent worker’s comp claims

We pay attention to every detail of your business. Many janitors keep their heads down, focused on the floor, and end up missing what’s above them – like air vents clogged with thick ropes of dust or dusty windowsills.

Whether you need to clean up smudges in the elevator or on the big mahogany table in the conference room, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Us?

We bundle services.

We handle everything to do with building maintenance, so you never need an employee to run to the store for toilet paper or an extra light bulb.

We’re local.

Most big office cleaning companies are owned by hedge fund managers in New York City. Our owners live here in Orange County.

We’re technologically savvy.

We have cleaning apps that make communication between you and our staff easy and efficient, and we also have top-of-the-line vacuums.

We don’t pollute the office air.

Many cheap cleaning companies use vacuums that spew particles into the air. Our HEPA certified vacuums keep dust inside the machine (and your employees healthy!).

The Process

We don’t sell a one-size-fits-all cleaning widget because every building and company is unique.

First, we do a walkthrough of your building, look at all the rooms and items that need to be cleaned, and offer professional advice about the best ways to clean and maintain the building. For instance:

  • Once, we had a client who thought he had a vinyl floor that needed replacing, but it was actually old tile, and once we stripped and waxed it, it not only looked fantastic but saved him a lot of money.
  • We can help you determine when the tiles and grout in your bathrooms and kitchen might need resealing to reduce unpleasant odors.
  • In our experience, break room refrigerators always need deep cleans on a quarterly basis.

Once we’re working together, we set you up with the Swept app, which means there’s never any game of telephone when you want something cleaned.

If something’s dirty, pull up the app, take a picture, and instantly, that information is transferred to the owner, the supervisor, and all the employees working there (plus, it’s multi-lingual. Type in English, they receive in Spanish). Simple and efficient communication makes your life easier.

Common Cleaning Add-Ons

Restroom Fragrance Package

Make your restroom smell like “Cotton Blossom” instead of urine, or “Ocean Mist” instead of toilet underbelly. We even have one called “Fabuloso” – of course it’s fabulous!

Day Porter Services

Can’t wait until night? Our day porter will keep your bathrooms well stocked and your trash emptied. Think of it as a kind of “cleanliness concierge” for your business.


First, we offer a lighting audit that will help you save money. Next, we handle light bulb changes and any upgrades your light system requires (such as LED). Don’t hire an outside company for something we can bundle into your monthly service.

Exterior of Building

Don’t forget about the outside! We pressure wash the concrete, clean the parking lot and paint the curbs, eliminate the smell of the cigarette break area, and do deep cleans of dumpster areas.

Break Room Refrigerators

Break room refrigerators often look like a food war zone, and smell even worse. We throw away that egg sandwich that nobody has claimed and do deep cleans on a regular basis.

A Few of Our Clients

What Clients Are Saying

“OCBM is a class act. The professionalism that Christian and Joel have shown represents the character of this company. I highly recommend this 5-star business!”

Cody M.,

“Having worked with a number of cleaning companies over the years, I have determined that OCBM significantly outshines the others in terms of affordability, reliability and level of service.
I highly recommend OCBM to anyone.”

Chris S.,

“Christian and his company are at the highest level of service and integrity and I would recommend them highly. They treat every account as if they are their only customer.”

Rod M.,

Frequently Asked Questions

We work on a month-to-month basis so you’re not locked into a long-term contract. Our only stipulation is that we have a 30-day cancellation notice.

We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. When you give us a call, no matter the day or the hour, we will be there.

We have on-site supervisors and managers who have been with the company for 20 years, and they give hands-on training to each employee. Also, our employees stick with us for the long term, which gives you a stable and trustworthy group of cleaners.

Yes, we will help you with whatever your cleaning needs are, and usually we point out a few things you haven’t thought of.

Yes, absolutely. Ask more about them when you give us a call. We also have reviews on Yelp.